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Will my record be in the book?

    From the Guinness FAQ:

    Each year we receive approximately 65,000 enquiries from around the world from people
    who want to set or break records. Many are successful and their details are added to our
    database of records.

    However, we can only publish around 4,000 records in the book each year, as it would
    be impossible to publish entries on all records and record-holders. An editorial decision
    therefore has to be made as to which records will be included.

    If your record hasn't been selected for publication on this occasion, there's a chance that it
    may be included in future editions, dependent upon the requirements of the book-buying
    public and the managing editor’s discretion. It may also appear in this website.

I seem to have beaten the odds ... three times ...

Guinness World Records 2006     Guinness World Records 2008

How long and in what format did it take me to compile the data for Guinness?

    It took me almost 5 years to photograph ... catalog (MS Access) and submit my data

 How long did it take Guinness to process my claim?

Guinness is literally inundated by requests each year ... most are processed for free ...
It took 31 weeks from the point where I mailed it to Guinness (2 Feb 2004 - 6 Sept 2004)

It took 27 weeks 6 days from the point where it was received (24 Feb 2004 - 6 Sept 2004)