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Suggestions for contacting DiceCollector.com

1) If you have a question about a die or dice and a photo exists ...
     Please provide the URL (web address) for the photo in question

      The URL can be either part of DiceCollector.com or an external link


      Lets say you have a question about dice 'Chaos Symbol' and  you find <THESE DICE>

      In your email ... please reference


Supplying the Row Number and Column Letter (if shown) is not sufficient as these  indexes will change regularly

2) If you are searching for a die (or dice) and cannot find a photo of the die in question on DiceCollector.com ...
    Try using the DiceCollector.com ... Database Search or Google Custom Search


     Suppose you are looking for Heineken Dice

     If you enter HEINEKEN into the search box you will find it returns << THIS >>

     The first link of which ... is the ALCOHOL dice theme  which is categorized by vendor name

3) If you are seeking the manufacturer / vendor of a die or dice and you have a photo from DiceCollector.com

    Often the name of the photo contains the name ... and often the style of the die



This is a photo of the set of CRYSTAL CASTE ... OTHERWORLDS ... CRYSTAL dice

4) If you wish to trade dice ... please be aware that only THESE dice are available for trade

    No other dice are available for trade

5) When you are ready to send your email ... click on the graphic below

Email Dicecollector.com